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Innovative Romantic Solar Ambiance Lighting

Allsop’s innovative solar lamps are beautiful to look at and warm to feel. Very stylish and night time a pleasant ambient light comes out from LED. A garden look and feel will be a lot better with these.

Innovative solar ambianceInnovative solar ambiance

Innovative Solar Light Bulb

The Nokero N100 Solar Portable Light Bulb is durable, water proof bulb and charged by its four solar panels which will provide illumination for up to 4 hours.

Solar Light Bulb

Innovative Solar Street Lighting

Solar trees and other innovative solar based street lighting is soon going to come to our cities. This is essential in reducing carbon footprints and save energy.

Innovative solar tree lightingSolar Trees 2

More Ambient Indoor and Outdoor Lights

Flowering solar trees!

Flowering Street Lights

MagicGlobe Solar Light Sphere – Solar module automatically emits rainbow colors making it look really nice in the night!

Modern Solar Outdoor Light

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